The casual dining industry is being reshaped by ever developing consumer preferences, technology and food options. The ability to deliver accurate menus with shorter timelines is critical to competing successfully in the market. As preferences become more complicated, it’s more important than ever to have the flexibility to make dynamic menu changes on the fly, execute with 100% accuracy and provide real-time data updates to all of your marketing channels.

Our team understands the financial impact that menu materials have on a restaurant’s bottom line. Once a guest enters your restaurant, the menu becomes your most important marketing tool.

dinetec360 is our menu platform which provides the perfect combination of technology, accuracy and convenience. Our user experience was created with you in mind. We developed our interface in order to address the unique needs of the casual dining segment, optimized for use on all devices such as computers, tablets, and phones. All of these elements are critical when delivering speed to market.

dinetec360 is comprised of two main components that create an easy way to use the application for all your menu data and graphic file needs.

dinetecDATA is a relational database that stores the data objects and their relationships for the casual dining segment. Our system allows you to query and feed content to print, internal digital destinations, as well as third-party partners such as UberEats and GrubHub. We provide you one trusted source of the truth with multiple distribution options.

dinetecCREATE is a world-class composition engine that combines your data and artwork in an unlimited number of ways to support marketing initiatives. By using a configurable rules engine, we are able to create “on the fly” art files for production. dinetecCREATE utilizes Adobe InDesign Server functionality, which means your creative team can maintain control throughout the process and review PDFs as menu changes are made in real-time. kerning, tracking, styles). The templates are created in InDesign, the logic is applied and then InDesign Server generates the final PDF.