The idea that there is one main avenue to drive traffic is obsolete. The modern casual dining guest can be reached through multiple channels. Technology has created new channels to reach your guest, drive continuous engagement opportunities and develop new guest traffic patterns. dinetec works with you to leverage new technologies that create new traffic for your restaurants as well as provide an open dialogue for each individual guest based on their preferences.

dinetecCONNECT – analyzes your physical environment; then, selects guests to promote revenue opportunities and the overall dining experience. It only sounds complicated. It’s really easy and seamless. dinetecCONNECT connects with your WIFI, POS and guests’ mobile usage. This allows us to create a 360-degree profile of your guest. Profiles can be used to drive continuous engagement opportunities for you and your guest. The common goal is to provide real-time personalized communication that maximizes the dining experience, drives traffic and increases ROI.

dinetecDRIVE – gives you the ability to drive incremental seasonal traffic. dinetecDRIVE is a permission-based mobile app that connects international travelers with US brands by providing destination offers and travel support while visiting the United States. dinetec is a leading digital promotion and media company that connects well-known brands. We distribute digital coupons and media through a variety of products, including digital printable coupons, digital paperless coupons, coupon codes and loyalty card linked offers and the company’s websites for printed coupons for those less technologically savvy users.

We offer a new marketing channel that drives incremental traffic utilizing data provided by our partners. Our platform provides an opportunity for brands to leverage additive consumer traffic through unique offers and convert travelers to customers, engaging and connecting users to domestic and international brand partners.