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Franchised restaurant companies must maintain brand consistency while at the same time empowering their franchisees to make changes that address needs unique to their locations. In effect, these companies need one menu that looks the same everywhere but that can be customized anywhere.

To accomplish this, we’ve created an easy-to-use restaurant-facing solution built on our best-in-class Dinetec360 menu-building software and Order360 menu-ordering software. Dinetec360 allows franchisees to make changes to item prices using the same menu designs that all locations use, while Order360 provides a storefront for locations to order the materials they need in quantities customized for their locations.


Bundled together in one package, these solutions give franchisees the power to exercise local profit-building strategies, eliminate menu waste and storage concerns by getting just the right amount at the right time, and adhere to companywide brand standards.

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