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As a valued partner in the restaurant industry, we want to introduce you to the game-changing solutions that can transform the way you manage your marketing campaigns and ensure brand consistency across your franchised locations

Campaign Management

We've heard about the challenges you face when it comes to managing Point-of-Purchase campaigns. The complexities of handling diverse products, various locations, and different quantities often lead to inefficiencies and errors. 


For multi-unit brands, the task becomes even more intricate as not all locations require identical marketing materials due to factors such as restaurant size, unique promotions, regional disparities, and pricing differences.

Dinetec Manage

Our system is tailored to empower restaurant marketers by automating data and asset management, allowing you to focus on what truly matters - delivering exceptional marketing campaigns.


  • Efficiency:  Centralize and organize data, making management a breeze.

  • Customization:  Tailor marketing materials to specific needs

  • Quality Communication:  Create visually stunning communications that captivate your audience's brand message effectively.

  • Precise Distribution:  Ensure that the right materials reach the right locations with pinpoint accuracy, minimizing waste and optimizing resources.

Franchise Solutions

A game-changing approach to ensuring brand cohesion while empowering franchisees to adapt to their local markets. Our innovative solution is built on the foundation of our renowned Dinetec360 menu-building software and Order360 menu-ordering software.

  • Dinetec360 Menu-Building Software:  Seamlessly customize item prices while adhering to the standardized menu designs that define your brand. 

  • Order360 Menu-Ordering Software:  Provides a storefront for locations to order the materials they need in quantities customized for their locations.

  • The Power of Bundled Solutions:  By combining Dinetec360 and Order360 into a comprehensive package, we are offering your franchisees a holistic solution that empowers them to implement local profit-building strategies, eliminate menu waste and storage concerns by getting just the right amount at the right time, and adhere to company-wide brand standards.

Thank you for considering Dinetec as a partner in your journey toward effective campaign management and franchise success. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss how we can tailor our solutions to meet your specific needs.




Kim Opdyke

Chief Operating Officer

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